The Mission Statement of the HCJ Volleyball 2017-2018

The Mission Statement of the HCJ Volleyball is to provide the following:

1. An encouraging environment where young athletes can develop their volleyball skills and knowledge to the highest level they are able in a competitive Volleyball Program.

2. An opportunity where the players will be educated to improve their physical, mental, social and emotional abilities.

3. An atmosphere where parents, players and coaches are able to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the game of volleyball.

4. An environment where parents, players and coaches aspire to conduct themselves in a manner that respects themselves, their families, their coaches, their teammates, their club and the sport.

5. An opportunity for each and every player to achieve their personal goals as well as the team goals.

6. A place where the “journey” of learning and growing as a volleyball player and a person is promoted at every aspect of the experience.

“Players on a team, working together, can accomplish greater true success than as individuals” is how we define “HCJ Volleyball” for our players, teams and the club as a whole. Here at HCJ Volleyball, we will not define success by championships or trophies, success will be achieved by our players and teams, as they improve and grow over time.

Download: Mission Statement 2017-2018

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